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The perfect kitchen companion

NIPPON’s dumbwaiters are widely used in restaurants, hotels, dining halls, hospitals, shopping malls and luxury boutique stores to transport small-sized goods.

A small freight elevator is often called a Dumb- Waiter or a small box elevator designed for carriage of lightweight freight is called a Dumb - Waiter, often used for moving of small items such as dishes in a kitchen or books in a multistory rack assembly. Passengers are never permitted in dumbwaiters. Dumb-Waiters are generally driven by a small electric motor with a counterweight and their capacity is limited to about 250 kg. They may also be drum operated using a roped pulley.

Dumb-Waiters are used extensively in the restaurant business (hence the name) and may also be used for lifting books in libraries, to transfer goods and articles in a house, to transfer equipments in a hospital or to transport mail or similar items in an office tower.

*NOTE : Apart from the standard sizes it can also be customised according to the client’s requirement.

Available Configurations

  • ➤ PLC frequency conversion timing control
  • ➤ Elevator car door
  • ➤ Elevator car illumniation
  • ➤ Overload protection
  • ➤ Fans in elevator car
  • ➤ Disinfection equipment in elevator car
  • ➤ Automatic switch door system
  • ➤ Elevator car heatpresser
  • ➤ Front door wrap
  • ➤ Overload protection equipment
  • ➤ Functions of returning to the layer level
  • ➤ Communication functions of elevator lobby